Rack RS – Defense Sustainment

Aisle R – Readiness

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Defense sustainment at the national and strategic level is central to the plans and strategies to sustain forces and promote national interests to provide the best military capability possible. In developing strategies and plans to sustain forces, leaders at all levels must consider how to manage and ensure capabilities. At the national or strategic level, leaders are concerned with developing and maintaining capabilities by creating policies, strategies and plans; funding programs; coordinating internally and across other governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations to meet national objectives. Complicating matters further, leaders must constantly balance current and emerging needs/threats against long-term considerations and future requirements within constrained and unpredictable funding levels.

This rack provides resources related to defense sustainment from the acquisition of raw materials to the production of goods and services to the sustainment of those goods and services along with the establishment and protection of lines of communication.

​​​​​​​– Fred Maddox

Shelf RS.00 — General

This shelf contains general resources pertaining to the theory and practice of defense sustainment.

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