Aisle P – Personnel & Talent Management

Disclaimer: The inclusion of resources here is for informational, historical, and research purposes only and is provided as a service for US Army War College faculty, students, and graduates to support their educational and professional requirements. These may include outdated or superseded materials. The inclusion of these materials does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army War College, the U.S. Army, or Department of Defense.

This aisle covers all things personnel, human resources management, talent management, and related fields regarding personnel and talent management in the defense enterprise. 

“Spaces” management, the determination of end strength in total and per rank or community, is in a separate area — in rack FM (Manning the Force) until aisle F (Force Structure).

General resources relevant to all or most resources on the racks include the following:

Laws, Policies, Memos, and Regulations (sorted by regulation number):
Commentaries (inclusion does not imply endorsement):
Racks in this Aisle:
Rack PA – Manpower Requirements, Strategies, & Plans - Resources on this rack addresses overall manpower requirements, strategies, and plans for the DoD, along with information about labor markets and talent pools. These include general frameworks for the acquisition, management, and divestiture of personnel and talent Continue Reading
Rack PC – Civilian Personnel Management - This rack is specific to the civilian personnel management systems of the defense enterprise and military services. Policies, processes, and systems of civilian management are qualitatively different from military personnel management Continue Reading
Rack PD – Development, Performance Counseling, Evaluation, and Selection Systems - This rack addresses military professional development programs extending across the life cycle of one's service. Resources include readings and commentary on performance counseling, career management, feedback systems, assessments, evaluation systems, and selection processes such as for promotions and schools Continue Reading
Rack PE – Professional Military Education - This rack provides resources on professional military education systems (PME) at joint and service levels. It is intended to cover all levels of PME from non-commissioned officer through general officer Continue Reading
Rack PI – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & EO/EEO - This rack addresses a range of topics in diversity and inclusion, such as formal EO and EEO programs required by law in the DoD and the general topics of diversity, equality, inclusion, countering discrimination, and so on Continue Reading
Rack PP – Pay & Benefits - This rack provides resources on pay, compensation, and other benefits provided to military and civilian members, emphasizing fiscal, programming, and budgeting aspects vice the quality of the services provided Continue Reading
Rack PR – Recruiting & On-Boarding - Resources on this rack address the recruitment and on-boarding processes for the services -- including matters pertaining to the recruiting pool, the recruiting process and infrastructure, and the initial on-boarding/mobilization/basic training processes, systems, and facilities Continue Reading
Rack PT – Training, Credentialing, Skills, & Competencies - This rack covers resources on training and credentialing of individuals such as for additional skill identifiers, MOS certifications, and the like. Also includes references for various special or unique skill sets that the defense enterprise requires Continue Reading
Rack PU – Utilization, Assignments, & Career Management - Resources on this rack address matters regarding the utilization of personnel during their military service -- after on-boarding and credentialing through to separation or retirement Continue Reading
Rack PV – All-Volunteer Force & Selective Service Programs - Resources on this rack addresses the programs associated with the establishment and sustainment of conscription and volunteer accessions, along with associated civil-military relations Continue Reading
Rack PX – Casualty Assistance & Survivor Programs - Resources on this rack address programs associated with helping members and families cope with military-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths. This includes casualty notification and assistance systems, survivor benefits, "wounded warrior" programs, and veterans assistance Continue Reading
Rack PZ – Service & Joint Personnel Management - This rack is largely a placeholder for service-specific personnel management resources that do not fall in any other category Continue Reading

Title image credit: Clifford Kyle Jones, via NCO Journal, public domain.